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dimanche 28 février 2010

i’m in stockholm, the land of blondes, 80’s fashion revival, death metal, and the best party in europe : The Hootchy Kootchy Club (google it !). they get grants and use a national theatre to showcase FABULOUS queer, freaky, perverted international artists. can you imagine the ile de france giving thousands of dollars to bring fan dancing glittery moustached men or fat and fabulous burlesque dancers from the states, along with contortionists, and other skilled weirdos ? and the audience ! 700 of the most beautiful, costumed, fun people i’ve ever performed for, all without being bored or pretentious like in most big cities. these people come to be amazed, shocked, and entertained. and everywhere i saw spontaneous making-out in all combinations, girl-girl-boy, boy-boy-girl, ect...the audience age range was 75- 20. if i die and go to performance heaven, the audience will resemble this crowd.

i woke up this morning, took a long bath to soak my dance marathoned feet, and when i got out, the bathtub had a ring of glitter, a sign of a good night !

and this morning, over a bowl of cinnamon and raisin porridge i looked at the ’complete guide to lesbian sex’ ; a beautiful purple bound book of 300 pages detailing the anatomy, communication, technique, bdsm, porn and health issues of lesbian sex. this is the book i tried to find when i was 17 and again when i was in 25 and had no idea ’how to be’ lesbian. it has taken me alot of research and experimentation to know what i know now (things like fisting, dildos, ejaculation, and sexual health). if only i had found a book like this when i was younger, i would have started having orgasms with women sooner !!

**does anyone know swedish and want to translate this incredible book into french ?? anyone want to help me edit a book of this type in french ?

and tonight im going to rest up, and watch a collection of feminist porn shorts, Dirty Diaries by swedish filmakerS **that’s right, there are more than ONE !) t

im not a swedophile, though i do often dance and sing the lyrics of The Knife, i’m just impressed that gays can get married in a church in Sweden, while we can’t even kiss outside of one in Paris !

while it is progressive, fun and freaky... i hate 80’s fashion and its impossible to wear heels in the snow for months of the i’ld rather make some Swench (swedish progressive politics/parties + french queers) in Paris

Let’s start now !



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  • Chère Louise,
    Mon premier message a toi a/est(?) disparu mais en brève j´ai dit que il me fait plaisirs que tu te trouves bien ici á Stockholm. En plus j´ai dit qu´il y a un tas des francais qui habitent ici qui devront avoir la capacité de t´aider avec une interpretation ou une translation.
    Sinon, je pourrais essayer de t´aider.
    Gros bisous

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